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Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units

We will call out to you and measure the thickness, size and overall specification of your unit. The thickness can vary from 14mm to 38mm.

All our units used in front or back doors and side panels are toughened, which means when the glass breaks it will not break into sharp pieces ensuring it’s safety.

Gas Filled Double Glazed Units

All of our Double Glazed Units are A rated Argon Units using Low-E glass (90% argon gas filled with warm edge spacer bar). The Double Glazed Units have a U value of 1.2W/M2k and have a thermal performance of up to 130% over normal double glazing. This figure is well within the maximum U-value of 2.2W/m2k required under section L of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations 2005 and as amended by the Building Regulations 2007.

Triple Glazed Units

Keep the frame…change the pane
You can change your glass to Triple Glazed units without changing the frames, it gives a better *U value and better soundproofing to the building, it is also much more ECO friendly and a cheaper alternative to changing all the windows and frames. Triple glazed units range in thickness from 24mm to 42mm.

Decorative Double Glazed Units

We can tailor your double glazed unit to add a touch of class to your front door, side panels, sunrooms or conservatories. Please note all Double Glazed Units can be made with clear glass or obscure glass for privacy.

*What is a U-value?

The U-value of a window is a measurement of the rate of heat loss indicating how well your windows are keeping valuable heat in. It is expressed as Watts per square metre Kelvin W/m2 K. The lower the U-value the better the thermal performance of the glass.

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