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Decorative Glass

We have a vast variety of decorative glass to choose from at Ashbourne Glass. Whether you like simple designs to elaborative, colourful patterns we have a design to suit every taste and budget. All our decorative glass designs are very easy to clean and maintain.

Beveled Glass:

The use of decorative bevels have always made glass panels look special, giving authenticity to that traditional look.  It adds a simple elegance to your home.  Beveled Glass is a single pane of glass with a beveled edge. The term beveled refers to the angled cut made onto the edge of the glass. Beveled Glass captures the light in a unique way creating a rainbow of colours as the sunlight hits the edge. The beveled edge look can also be achieved on mirrors.

Crystal Cut/Brilliant Cut Design Glass:

Crystal cut glass or Brilliant cut is a polished groove cut into the glass to make a design. Crystal Cut patterns come in a wide range and can be made with three different glass types each with varied texture and obscurity. Crystal cut designs are a timeless classic, and extremely easy to clean, a perfect addition to your home that will last throughout the years.

Hand Leaded Designs:

Our Hand Leaded Designs are made by our trained glaziers on site. Our glaziers fuse decorative raised bevels onto the glass then delicately lay the lead into a pattern. The Hand leaded look captures the rustic beauty of the lead while highlighting the colours of the spectrum that burst through the bevels. The lead can also be chosen in a variety of colours such as grey, black and gold.

Resin Designs:

Why not add a touch of class to your home with our resin design glass? We have a large selection of designs to choose from in our showroom. We manufacture resin design glass on site so the choice of designs, colours, glass opacity and texture is extensive. Resin Glass Designs can be made simple to more ornate designs; our many years of experience will guarantee you a stunning unique piece of glass art for home.

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Decorative Glass

Examples of some decorative glass used on door panels

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