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Sliding Doors

PVC sliding doors are ideal for porches and patios to brighten up an area and give extended views to front and back gardens.

Porches are a lovely touch to the front of any house, old or new. They are also a great solution to drafty entrances to any type of home or business and help retain some vital heat in your home.

We have fitted many sliding doors where a window once was at the back of a house. The benefits include better light to the area and easy access to the back garden.  Call us for a consultation today.

Patio Doors:

Patio doors are made to provide extra insulation, privacy and make your home more secure at the front. When used at the back of the home they open the room to the back garden and the sunlight.

Colours available include white, woodgrain, light oak or mahogany.

Some examples of Sliding & Patio Doors can be seen here in our photo gallery.

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Sliding & Patio Doors

Some examples of sliding doors and patio doors installed by Ashbourne Glass

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